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Barauni – Begusarai are  twin cities like Hyderabad-Secunderabad. Located on the northern bank of river Ganga, this area is among the most fertile stretches of the North Indian Gangetic plane. Better known  as the only industrial city of the divided Bihar (after Jharkhand was separated from Bihar) or the Industrial capital of New Bihar. Although, the area has the potential to grow into a developed metro, its has remained neglected due to non-emergence of any strong local leader. All the leaders who have represented the area as MP or MLA, have been outsiders & have had little interest in the development of Barauni-Begusarai. After Shri Krishna Singh, the 1st CM, none of the National or regional leaders has shown any serious interest in developing the area or towards providing solutions to problems being faced by the residents.

This blog is a platform for those interested in knowing more about Barauni-Begusarai. Its about creating a fraternity of people who would love to see Barauni-Begusarai as a fully developed & modern twin city. We will also try to keep it updated with news of recent developments in the area as well as articles on issues related to  the local populace. You are all invited to join us in our endeavor and provide your valuable suggestions.

Gobindam Foundation for Youth & Excellence (GEYF)

VPO: Kiul-Garhara, District: Begusarai, Bihar, ZIP: 851126

Road cum Rail Over bridge Connecting Barauni-Begusarai to Patna

 Not a soul am I, that dreams and sighs,
In fire, I forge it to steel,
And lay foundations on it, for a new home,
And on it, I raise walls of steel.

-Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (National Poet of India)


Comments on: "Welcome to the Gateway of Northern Bihar" (2)

  1. Dharmabir kumar sharma said:

    this is nice to know about our motherland,Plz,give more about barauni.

  2. ashwini said:

    its amazing keep on updating

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